Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Home Education Group Christmas

This week we have had our Home Education Group Christmas party and a natural Christmas decoration making session.

The party on Monday was fun, Hannah loved hanging out with her friends and had a really good time.

Our last session of the term on Tuesday was lovely. The children had the chance to make natural decorations to take home and Hannah made a lovely Christmas wreath from willow, ivy, pine cones, cinnamon sticks, dried orange slices and raffia, and an orange pomander.

It's all feeling pretty Christmassy now!

Sunday, 14 December 2014

St Lucia's Day December 13th.

Yesterday we had a little celebration for the Swedish 'St Lucia's Day' as Hannah has been enjoying learning about all winter festivals and saints days recently.

I needle felted her a little St Lucia girl (she loved her!) and we lit candles and read the story of St Lucia. We also ordered  'Kirsten's Surprise' - the American Girl book which has St Lucia's Day in the story.

 Hannah's St Lucia girl that I needle felted.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Saint Nicholas Day, Christingle and Craft

December 6th was Saint Nicholas Day. We read the story of Saint Nicholas in our Festivals, Family and Food book, and Hannah painted a picture of the children finding gifts of food outside their door from Saint Nicholas.

Yesterday we went to the Christingle service at our church. As part of the service, there was a talk about the childrens society and helping those in need. Hannah and I brought home a collection box which we are going to try to fill with all our spare change to help provide hot meals and clothes for children who need them.

And today we made salt dough. Hannah has made some decorations for our tree and some as gifts.

They are going to look lovely once they are painted.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Needle Felted Tomten And Seasonal Books

Yesterday, inspired by the beautiful Tomten over at One Sweet World , I needle felted a little Tomten for Hannah. I'm so pleased with him, he is the first one I have tried to make!

We have also been reading our favourite seasonal books, The Tomten and The Tomten and the Fox - both by Astrid Lindgren, and Findus At Christmas by Sven Nordqvist.

Our bedtime chapter book is currently a re-read of The Six Bullerby Children by Astrid Lindgren. This book has recently been renamed The Children Of Noisy Village - but this is my copy from when I was a child, so we are reading the original!

It is a lovely, gentle story of six children living on three farms in a tiny village in Sweden and is perfect for bedtime reading.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Frosty Fairy Garden

This morning dawned bright and sparkly with thick frost covering everything - the first real frost so far this winter. Hannah was keen to get outside and spent a happy couple of hours building a fairy garden, exploring the ice on the pond and feeding the birds. We have robins, blue-tits, goldfinches, sparrows, blackbirds, great-tits, wagtails, and yesterday we even had a sparrow hawk!

A fairy stone circle

Fairy house with tea light fire

Fairy campsite

The pond was frozen, and the ice on the bird bath by the pond made a perfect lego friends skating rink -

and the bright berries on the hedge made the garden seem very festive.

Hannah is already very excited!

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Chilly Outdoor Play And Christmas Crafting With Friends.

It has been chilly at the adventure playgrounds this week! So chilly in fact that the water was turned off on Wednesday so there was no channel digging in the sand. Instead Hannah and her friends made the most of all the play equipment.

Today we have been to Hannah's best friend (also Hannah)'s house to make Christmas decorations. The girls have known each other for six years and are really close so they were super excited to spend the day together. Hannah's mum taught them how to make the decorations, including sewing blanket stitch, and they made some lovely tree ornaments.

Afterwards the girls built a blanket fort and camped out inside watching a video while we mums got to chat. It was a really nice day and has made Christmas seem so much closer , so much so that i think we'll put the tree up tomorrow!

Friday, 28 November 2014

This Week

I've been at my dad's house for a lot of this week as he had a nasty fall last weekend and has needed some looking after. He is doing well though, and things are getting back to normal.

I have managed a trip to the park with Hannah, where we discovered a new and improved playground. She had a great time!

We also made it to our home education group on Wednesday and Hannah caught up with her friends , and constructed some elaborate river channels in the sand.

and today she has been for her weekly riding lesson.