Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Sunshine And Flowers At Staunton

Yesterday Hannah and I spent a lovely afternoon at Staunton Farm. We spent most of the time in the gardens, which were beautifully peaceful and full of early summer flowers.

Esme the pig keeping cool in the mud

Hannah keeping cool under a tree!

Hannah petting the free range goats

Cucumber smile, or as i like to call it 'lunch'

 The flowers in the walled gardens were so vibrant and summery.

The herbs smelled amazing in the warm sunshine.

There were pots of flowers everywhere as well!

 In the gazebo the pond was full of tiny fish and giant lily pads,

 The geraniums were beautiful,

and the tea rooms had ice cream! Perfect.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Amberley Museum

At last, Hannah was well enough yesterday to go on the field trip I had organised to Amberley Museum . It was lovely to be out with friends again, and the museum was as much fun as we had remembered! We visited last year for the first time and we were keen to go back as there is so much to see and do there.

Vintage bus ride
 Hannah loved the Milne Electricity Hall. The children had a great time testing all the switches and lights, and looking at all the vintage appliances.

In the past times section there were some T.V's from the 1960's and 70's. Spotting a portable TV/Cassette player unit Hannah exclaimed " It's not even as big as an ipad mini!!"
For me, born in 1967 these things were all very familiar!

The Earth Telecommunication Hall was also very popular. Hannah and her friends practiced telephoning each other on the old fashioned telephones. Funny watching them remembering to lift the receiver before dialing, and painstakingly dialing the numbers.

Messages via telegram instead of text message!

In the railway center
 We visited the pottery and the children all made some pottery pieces to take home. Hannah made an owl.

Hannah had a Harry Potter moment outside the broom makers workshop.

In the timber yard the wood turners were all busy demonstrating their skills. The children played giant tick tack toe on a wooden board, tabletop skittles and admired the wooden ornaments. They each bought a wooden flower to take home.

We walked the nature trail, past the bodgers camp and bug hotel,

visited the vintage fire station,

 and finished our day in the playground.

The weather was beautiful and we had a really lovely day out with our friends :-)

American Girl Doll Play And Craft

This has been the longest three weeks with Hannah being poorly. She has secondary sinusitis now and is waking coughing and gasping for breath at night, so our days have been quiet. We are hoping the antibiotics she has now are going to get her on the road to recovery.

Meanwhile we have made the most of the quiet days and had fun with her American Girl dolls, lego and had couple of sunny walks to the park.

We had a cross country horse riding event in the garden,

Grooming and saddling up

Saige rode Free Spirit for the win!

We bought a really big piece of hardboard and made a foldable room scene for the dolls. I cut the board down the middle and hinged the two pieces together using some strong plastic tape. Then cut out window shapes.
Hannah painted the room pink and white, and we made curtains for the window.

Here it is set up as a bedroom, but it works as any room. We need a few more carpet tiles as we only bought two to see if they would work. They do, so Hannah can have a variety of colors to match the furniture.

Granddad collected some Lego building sets from his newspaper which arrived last week, so Hannah spent a day building all 8 sets. She loved them!

And lastly, we went to the park.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

More Photography

Hannah still has bronchitis, so things have been very quiet around here. She has done some more photography though. Inspired by these pictures here , Hannah had a go at creating her own scenes.

Candy Cloud Dreams

Who Stole The Cheese

Sailing On The Seven Seas
Aren't they adorable?