Friday, 25 July 2014

Paultons Park - Theme Park Trip

This week Dean had a few days off of work, so we booked onto the home educators annual trip to Paultons Park . It was such a fun day! Hannah loved the rides, especially the water rides and Peppa Pig World. She used to adore Peppa Pig when she was younger, and really enjoyed revisiting all the characters and stories.

Here is Hannah riding the dinosaurs in Peppa Pig world,

and here is Dean!!

Oh dear!!
We met up with some friends during the afternoon and rode some of the rides with them,

this was my favourite!!

 and this one,

and the double decker Victorian carousel was lovely.

Hannah also rode the smaller roller coaster with her friend Tess, the astroglide, viking boats, trampolines and played in the water park! It was a completely fun packed day.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Wildlife Watch - Bat Walk

Friday night was the night of the annual bat walk with the Hampshire and IOW Wildlife Trust. At sunset we drove over to the Gosport Wildgrounds and gathered with almost 80 other walkers to spot bats! We were given a talk and slide show to begin with to help identify the bats we saw and then we set off on our walk through the woodland and down to the lake.

We saw a lot of bats and were able to identify the Pipistrelle and Long-eared bats in flight.

When we arrived back at the center after our walk the staff had set up at moth trap.

They caught some of the moths in viewers so we could see the markings and identify them before setting them free. The pictures came out badly as it was so dark by then, but live and close up the Mother Of Pearl moth is beautiful!

Photography Club

Hannah is very interested in photography, and thinks that she might like to be a photographer when she is older. We have a good friend who is a photographer, and she kindly agreed to run a little photography club for Hannah and a few friends, to teach them more about taking pictures.

We had the first session last Thursday and Hannah thought it was great! She can't wait for the next one, and has rarely been seen without her camera ever since!

Friday, 18 July 2014

Street Art Workshop

On Wednesday Hannah went to a street art workshop run by  Art And Soul Traders in Portsmouth, and came home with a lovely canvas for her bedroom wall that she had painted herself.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Summer Swimming

Summer is here, the pool is warm and my little water baby is swimming every day! Any time we are home and I'm looking for Hannah this is how I find her...........................

Apparently if you keep your head under you can't hear your mama saying such crazy thing as 'bed time' , 'time to get out and shower' or 'please get out of the pool, we need to leave in 10 mins' !!

 I think I might spend the summer in my garden ......................

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Last Adventure Group Before Summer!!

The last session today was really fun, the children made bubble wands and giant bubbles!

Hannah found it tricky at first to get the bubbles to form,

but she got it in the end!

Everyone had a great time today, and now we have the long summer break to enjoy before group starts up again in September. We would especially like to say a huge thank you to Sally, who has run most of the  brilliant activities we have done this term - Hannah has really enjoyed them all!