Monday, 22 September 2014

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Saturday - Paultons Park

Hannah's friend Coral slept over at our house on Friday night as her parents are in New York, so on Saturday the girls and I went to Paultons Park as a special treat from Coral's grandparents.

The girls had a great time, especially on the Log Flume, which was their favourite ride. I took them on it eleven, (yes ELEVEN) times before they were brave enough to go on alone so I could finally get a picture!


 Riding the mini roller coaster

 On the sky swinger (Hannah is at the back of the picture - you can see her pink shoes against the green of the trees)
 Bumping into Peppa Pig in Peppa Pig World!

We had a break for lunch and the girls explored the parkland area and played in the trees. Hannah said this was her favourite part of the whole day!

Then we mostly rode the Log Flume until we were exhausted (which took a surprisingly long time considering the girls had slept for only 5 hours on Friday night!)

When Coral's granddad arrived to collect us both girls were drenched, and I mean totally, submerged in water, shoe emptyingly drenched and more than a little hyped up on candy floss and ice cream so I'm considering that successful day out (but sorry about the leather car seats Coral's granddad!!) ...................

Friday, 19 September 2014

This Week.................

......Hannah has been to two home education groups where she has made gliders and slime, played with her friends and dug lakes and rivers in the sand!

We have had Spanish group at our house - week 2 of Spanish and Hannah has already learnt some phrases in Spanish and looked at Spanish artists and Spanish cities.

And today she started riding at a new riding school. Her instructor is lovely and very good, and Hannah really liked her, so a success all round!

Coco the pony was a big hit as well, he is gorgeous! She can't wait for next week now.

Monday, 15 September 2014

More Horses!

This weekend was the Denmead Autumn Horse Show and Hannah was keen to go along and watch some of the classes.

There wasn't a big turn out, but she still had fun watching the classes and seeing the riders use some of the skills she has been learning in her lessons.

Ridden Mountain, Moorland and Cob class

This pony reminded me so much of the pony I had as a child - made me feel very nostalgic!

Novice Jumping


On Friday we spent the day with friends in Pulborough. We had such a great day! The girls played and chatted together, Hannah helped with the rabbits and guinea pigs, we walked through the fields along the River Arun with the dog, and went to the stables.

Hannah's friend has her own pony which she very kindly allows Hannah to ride when we visit. I find this incredibly generous of her as I know how hard it can be to watch someone else ride your pony and Hannah really appreciates it.

On Friday she learned to ride without stirrups and reins, sitting deep in the saddle and moving with the pony. Her friends mum is a really good teacher and Hannah trusts her completely - she is riding far more confidently than ever before.

Hannah said riding without stirrups was lovely and gave her lots of confidence

Trotting without reins or stirrups requires a helping hand from a friend for steering purposes!

Watching her friend ride.

After the horses were fed the girls hung out in the hay store chatting about......................................horses!!

Watercolours At Adventure Group

Last week at adventure group one of the mums ran a watercolour art class for the children.

Sunny September weather at the station!

Happy Artists!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A Birthday Visit To Hillier Gardens - Romsey

It was my birthday on Monday, and Dean had a days holiday from work so we went to Hillier Gardens for the day. We had never been before but will definitely be going back - it was beautiful! Hannah loved it there as well, especially all the sculptures and the childrens educational garden - there was so much to see.

Happy 47th Birthday to me!

my favourite sculpture

playing in the tree house

Woodland Pigs

Into the educational garden -

Flying carpet swing

my favourite picture of the day - I love this little girl so much!
Here is a link to the gardens for anyone thinking of visiting -  Sir Harold Hillier Gardens