Thursday, 17 April 2014

Sunny Garden Play

Yesterday Hannah spent most of the day out in the garden playing 'camping' with her doll Kit. We have been having such lovely warm weather that the apple blossom is out in full bloom and scenting the air, the birds are singing and nesting all around, and the garden is a lovely place to spend the day.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Catching Up

Ooops, I have fallen really behind with blogging (waiting for a new laptop cable to arrive!), but luckily it's been a quiet week so you haven't missed much!
Here are some of the things we have done -

Hannah had a campfire camp out for her American Girl doll Lanie (pictures taken by Hannah - well done Hannah)!

We have had a real campfire cook out for Granddad's birthday! He turned 81 last month, and we had a belated barbecue this week to celebrate. It was a beautiful day!

My mum, dad, sister and Hannah all together - my sister's partner also came but managed to duck out of the picture!
 It is the Easter school holidays here, so we caught up with Hannah's friend Coral and the girls had a lovely time together.

These two have been friends for 9 years, their whole lives, and Coral such a lovely friend to Hannah.

Finally,  Hannah has been crafting this week. She made some pretty spring fairies from a craft set that her nanny gave her. They turned out really well!

Now we are all caught up :-)

Saturday, 5 April 2014

At The Beach

Yesterday we decided that we all needed some fresh air, so we headed out to the beach. Hannah paddled, chased the waves and collected (far too many) shells to bring home!

We really are looking forward to summer now!

Monday, 31 March 2014

Matchbox Swap Number Two - World Foods

This month the home schooling matchbox swap theme was World Foods. Hannah was really excited about this one and wanted to do Hawaii. We did lots of research on the internet, and Hannah made good use of her American Girl Doll 'Kanani' whose story is set in Hawaii, and came up with this -

Hannah made a Fimo clay coconut and Pineapple for the top of the box.

Mochi on the bottom of the box


Ingredients and Shave Ice recipe

A map in a matchbox!

Hannah wrote her swapee a letter to go with the box to explain why she chose Hawaii.

Hannah received a great matchbox in return all about the food in Russia :-)

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Gaming and Art

We have all been knocked down by a nasty virus this week so we have had some quiet days at home. Hannah has spent some time playing Animal Jam and Club Penguin online and has met her friend Tess in the games and has been able to type and chat to her so she hasn't been too lonely. She has also had texts and skype messages from her friends at our homeschooling group which cheered her up very much.

Hannah used to love to play Club Penguin, but had been playing Minecraft recently instead. I know there have been lots of pro Minecraft things written, and we have many, many friends who love it and find it works really well for their children, but I just can't feel comfortable about it. Hannah has been distressed as much as she has been happy playing Minecraft, and i'm so glad to see her finding enjoyment with her friends on Club Penguin again.

In fact, she is so happy to be playing again that when she wasn't playing she was drawing puffles!!

Friday, 21 March 2014

Another Goodbye

My lovely friend Louise and her family who we have been really good friends with for the last few years are moving away. We are happy for them of course, as they have a lovely new life to look forward to, but we are really going to miss them. We have been doing history group with the girls for the last couple of years and meeting weekly for social time and have become really good friends.

Hannah and Ellen have really enjoyed 'inventing' useful household items so today, for their last play date they made a tool chair!!

This is my kitchen chair with everything from the tool box either taped or tied on to it. Now I can rest easy while i fix things - thanks girls !!

It was sad saying goodbye, Hannah especially is going to miss Ellen, and Louise has been a good friend to me, but we will definitely keep in touch and see them again as soon as we can :-)

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Library Books

Yesterday we went to the library as Hannah had run out of books to read. She really enjoys pony stories, fairies and unicorn type stories and animal stories, luckily there were lots to choose from! She came home with 6 new books and 2 story cds!

On the way home we went to the park where Hannah got the crazy idea that she could fly using an umbrella, needless to say she failed but she did have a lot of fun trying! Apparently she would have succeeded if only i had agreed to pick her up and launch her into the air......................

Funny girl!!