Friday, 9 October 2015

Little Woodham 17th Century Village

On Wednesday we spent the day immersed in history with some friends from our homeschooling group. Angela who blogs at Journey Unique organised the trip and it really great!

The site is run by volunteers who dress in period costume and 'live' in 1642. They taught the children (and adults) all about spinning and weaving, demonstrated pottery making and woodworking. The herbalist told us all about 17th century medicine and the farmers wife taught us how bread was made from field to loaf. The blacksmith was really interesting to Hannah and told us all about how horses and oxen were shod, and then showed us how to make hooks and nails in his forge.

Hannah absolutely loved it, and really enjoyed spending the day with her friend Summer (also from Journey Unique). We have been to Little Woodham a couple of times before, but sharing it with friends made it even more fun.

The Village In The Woods

Village life inside one of the houses,

 Spinning and Weaving,

Blacksmiths forge

The woodcutters house

 Angela and Louis giving us a demonstration!

 The farm cottage where we learnt about bread making,

and Hannah and Summer tried out the accommodation!

I lost them to Harry Potter for a while when they discovered a besom broom !!

Unfortunately it failed to fly so they did a spot of housework instead!

I'm not sure they found the housework all that much fun lol!

 Then it was back to the business of learning about bread!

We visited the herbalist where Hannah was able to identify most of the plants she used.

and went to a pottery demonstration.

The potter was a lovely man, who Hannah was sure was actually Pettson from the book Pancakes for Findus. He was really gentle and softly spoken and so informative, he was my favourite part of the day!

Big thanks to Angela for organising the trip, we loved it!

Story Sticks

After riding on Tuesday we went into Portsmouth for adventure group, where the activity was Native American story sticks. It was my turn to run the activity and this is the one that Hannah asked to do.

Tilly and Hannah

 Ready to craft

Rosie, Summer and Hannah making their sticks

Some Native American Indian symbols used to tell stories,

Our finished sticks

Monday, 5 October 2015

Autumn Woods

After tennis on Saturday we headed out to the woods for some much needed time in nature. It was beautiful. I love October in the woods with autumn all around. We found abundant fungi, leaves changing color, beech nuts and conkers, and then there was that woody, earthy smell intermingled with the sweet smell of late haymaking in the adjoining fields - gorgeous!

Nothing beats an afternoon in the woods for recharging the batteries ready for a new week!

Wednesday, 30 September 2015


I seem to have over committed us!

We have so many organised activities at the moment that all our weeks are looking the same and I am really missing the spontaneity of a less organised life . Hannah seems to be enjoying everything, and doesn't want to give up anything, but is beginning to crave some days at home or days to just go with the flow..................a week just isn't long enough anymore!

We did squeeze in a trip to the bookshop on Tuesday after group - Hannah was after the fourth Harry potter book,

and today Hannah got to see her friend S - she loves hanging out with her, chatting and listening to music.

Also, earlier in the week Hannah shared a riding lesson with another friend who then came home with us to meet our rabbit.

So it's all been good really. Just busy, and we haven't been to the woods for ages!!

Sunday, 20 September 2015

This Week

Hannah has been riding Tilly.

She has been to her homeschoolers classes at Titchfield where she has English, Maths and Art lessons,


and art.

She has had another tennis lesson,

and she has been learning to play the ukulele. She and her friend Melissa have plans to play and sing at next years HESFES so they have started practising.

 Finally, exciting news - we have a rabbit called Chocolate! She is gorgeous and was gift from Melissa - Hannah is delighted and the bunny seems pretty happy too.

Thank you Melissa for trusting us with Chocolate, we will take really good care of her xxx