Friday, 21 November 2014

Ponies, Puppets and Projects

Hannah had a riding lesson this morning, She rode Tilly again who is fast becoming a favourite.

When we got home Hannah wanted to make something on the sewing machine. She decided on a quilt for her Emily Button rag doll. She chose the pieces of fabric and cut the squares, then together we sewed them. Hannah chose the backing and stuffed the quilt and then I made a little pillow to go with it.

 Here is the finished quilt.

The quilt with the pillow,

 and here are Emily and her friends enjoying the quilt.

Hannah is so pleased with the way it turned out.

Also today we used an old drawer to make a puppet theatre. Hannah wanted to make up a winter play using her Folkmanis puppets , so we used the outer drawer frame as the theatre surround and Hannah used wool stuffing for snow. We made some cardboard pine trees and Hannah made up the story.

The puppets are a bear, rabbit, raccoon, moose and an owl

It was such a sweet play, the animals all built a snowman together in the forest.

Finally, still on a wintery theme, Hannah made a Christmas picture!

and that was Friday!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday .....

Sunday - We spent the afternoon with Hannah's friend Coral and Coral's grandmother. Since Hannah had enjoyed the Christmassy garden centre the day before, we checked out another one with Coral.

Monday - Hannah joined our home ed group for bowling at Gunwharf.

Tuesday - Adventure Group, and the activity today was clay relief faces. Hannah really enjoyed this activity and the finished card looks really nice.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Winter Wonderland At Keydell Nursery

We have been to Keydell Nursery today to see Santa arrive in his horse drawn carriage to take his place in the grotto, which is part of the beautiful woodland walk display.

We went with granddad, who loved it almost as much as Hannah did, it is really special and definitely worth a visit.

Here comes Santa

Hannah and Granddad

I think daddy is hoping for a visit from Santa this year!

Reindeer - there are four at the nursery.

Polar bear hug

It's not all sleighs - Santa has a variety of transport to see him through the season. 

A Christmas Carol

We had a lovely visit, possibly the best Christmas display we have ever been to.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

There Were Some Goofballs At The Pool Today....................

.........sadly they were related to me! Note to self - next time wear a disguise!

They did have fun though, Hannah loves to swim!

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Random Pictures Of Our Week

As well as having Grammy's birthday this week and soft play with friends on Monday we have been out and about a lot having fun.

On Wednesday we went to see the film 'Planes - Fire and Rescue' as part of the Into Film Festival in the morning, and then went on to the Home Ed meet up at the adventure playground. It was a mild afternoon and the children all had fun playing outside. Hannah loves the huge slide there!

In the evening we lit sparklers in the garden with daddy for Guy Fawkes night. We didn't have fireworks this year as I thought they might be too much for our elderly, blind cat. As it happened the neighbours had plenty so Hannah got to see some anyway!

Thursday saw us shopping for autumn and winter clothes for Hannah - she has out grown almost everything this year. When we got home Hannah told me that she would like to start a nature club, so she went to work designing a poster, t-shirts and badges for the club. She is making a list of activities, locations and people to invite now.

Lastly, we made foam snow.............kind of! Hannah had a lot of fun squirting it around the garden anyway!