Thursday, 29 August 2013

Weald And Downland Open Air Museum - Wonderful Wednesday

Yesterday we visited Weald And Downland Open Air Museum for one of their children's activity Wednesdays with our homeschooling group.

Hannah had a lovely time with her friends making candles and bath bombs, learning to willow weave, meeting the animals and exploring the houses and gardens.

Making Bath Bombs

Feeding the fish in the mill pond

Working Donkey

Candle making


Funny Friends!

Willow weaving

Exploring a Victorian cottage

Laundry day in the Victorian era

The Cottage

Horse and cart ride

More Working Donkeys

The work they do

Tudor farmhouse

Upstairs checking out the straw mattress beds

'Mr Tudor Times'

Downstairs trying out the furniture!

Milking time?


funky chickens!

Shepherds hut

Mama pig and piglets in the back yard of one of the cottages.

Saying hello!

We had the best day yesterday, we spent it with good friends, in a lovely location and Hannah learnt a lot more about the past and how people used to live - perfect (except for the wasps - there were A LOT of wasps !!).

Music Homework

These are some of the music homework sheets that Hannah handed in to her piano teacher this week. She is really enjoying learning to read music.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Homeschooling Sports day

This week our Homeschooling Group had our annual 'Mini Olympics' sports day. We were lucky enough to have a beautiful day for it, and the lovely setting of some private gardens.

Hannah entered two running races, the egg (potato) and spoon race and the three legged race (with her friend Hermionie).

Three Legged race

Third Place


First Place (she also came third in the second race)

Egg and Spoon - First Place
We had a great day, Hannah loved being with her friends and was as happy when her friends won as she was when she won!

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Play Silks

We're enjoying the end of summer here and just hanging out. Hannah has been having lots of fun with her play silks. She has 7, all different sizes and colours, and all made by one of our very clever, crafty friends.

Here she is flying them in the park near our house!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Summer Garden

Just a few pictures of our garden in August!

'Little Sun Yellow' Tomato Plant

'Hundreds and Thousands' Tomato Plant

We have three apple trees in our garden with lots of ripening fruit. Unfortunately I don't know which varieties we have so if anyone recognises them please let me know?

The pond which is still home to a few very late tadpoles!


White Lavender

This shrub has been full of bumble bees all summer!
We have spent so much time in our garden so far this summer, it's been the best thing about moving house!