Saturday, 31 December 2011

All The Fun Of The Fair

There is a funfair in town for the holidays, and today Hannah and her friend Coral spent the day there having fun on all the rides and trying out the (plastic) ice rink.

Hannah loved the skating, but Coral wasn't too sure!

But both girls loved the roller coaster and rode it 3 times!!
The fair has some BIG rides, the girls didn't ride this one but did have a good view of it from the top of the roller coaster.
That's them, near the back at the highest point of the ride!
Coral, me and Hannah.
The carousel was heaps of fun,

as were the teacups.

Hannah thought the air balloon ride was pretty cool too!
But by far, the favourite ride was the Runaway Train!!
They LOVED it!!

What a great way to end the year. Happy New Year everyone and thanks for following us through 2011 xxxx

Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas Pictures

Our Christmas has been lovely! Hannah slept until 8am on Christmas morning, then had a very exciting time opening all her gifts. Grandma - my mum - has been staying with us so she was able to share in the excitement of Christmas morning, and Daddy had Christmas off of work so he was here too, and made us a lovely Christmas dinner. Today, (Boxing Day in the UK) Grandad and Grandma Heather - my dad and step-mum- came to lunch, Grandad assembled the new bike that Santa brought, and Granny Heather took Hannah out to the park for a lovely play and bike ride. It's been a really nice Christmas.

Here are some of the pictures I've taken:

Santa Has Been!!
He Left Heaps Of Presents!!

Including Lalaloopsy, Strawberry Shortcake, a Shiny New Bike, and Some Build-a-bear Goodies

Hannah's Gift From Us Was The Much Longed For American Girl Doll Kanani! She Was Soooooo Happy!

Hannah Dressed For Dinner In Her Red Velvet Christmas Dress and Flashing Earrings.
And After Dinner She Dressed As Miss Santa To deliver Little Stockings To Dean And I. My Mum Organised Them, Aren't They Cute!

Boxing Day

Grandad, Hannah and Grandma Heather
Hannah and Her Royal Subjects - See How She Is Waving Like The Queen Of England!!
Auntie Nita and HannahWe hope everyone has had as wonderful a Christmas as we have had!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a happy, peaceful, wonderful Christmas and New Year xx

Children's Nativity and Christingle Service

The Christmas Eve Nativity and Christingle service was lovely tonight. Hannah was an angel in the nativity, the first year she has been brave enough to take part, and really enjoyed it.

We sang children's carols,
and watched the sunday school children act out the scenes,
and afterwards lit the christingle candles and said prayers and sang 'Away In A Manger'.


Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year x

Friday, 23 December 2011

A Visit To Santa

Today Hannah has been to see Santa! She looks forward to seeing him every year and the best one we have found is in Debenhams department store in Southsea.

He was very friendly and spent a good ten minutes chatting to her and telling her all about the North Pole.
Then he gave her a beautiful book. The story of The Nutcracker.
Hannah is loving the Christmas countdown this year :-)

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

'Tales Of Winter Magic' - Solstice Celebration

Yesterday (a day early) we went to 'Tales Of Winter Magic' at Butser Ancient Farm to celebrate the winter solstice.

We had such a lovely time! There were yule crafts in the Roman villa for children, Hannah made a yule table centrepiece and a storytellers staff, then we had mulled (no alcohol) wine and mince pies or chocolate logs before going into the big roundhouse for stories told by the fantastic Red Phoenix . She told winter tales, sang the traditional ancient version of 'The Holly And The Ivy', and told an interactive tale with children from the audience acting out the parts. It was absolutely magical, around the log fire with fairy lights and candles lighting the roundhouse, warm spicy fruit juice in hand we were transported back to winters of long ago.

The Roundhouse before the storytelling commenced

Making a Yule table centrepiece.

Hannah with her finished centrepiece.

Making her Storytellers Staff
The finished Staff!

Animals around the farm.

Exploring the roundhouses

The Large Roundhouse ready for the Storytelling.

Enjoying the stories!
Happy Winter Solstice Everyone!