Saturday, 3 December 2011

An Extra Special Saturday

Three weeks ago Hannah switched from Fusion dance back to Tap. She did tap and ballet a couple of years ago and though she enjoyed it, she found that particular class was too strict for her. This time she is taking tap at The Theatre School, which so far has been a lovely welcoming experience for us both. Today she received her uniform and tap shoes and was so excited to go into class.

It was super successful as well, as having the shoes made all the difference to her hearing the right way to dance and she came out with a handful of new steps!

After lunch we met up with some very special friends. Hannah's oldest friend Coral and my friend, Coral's grandmother. She is such a special lady, and Coral is a lovely friend to Hannah.

We met for hot chocolate and play in the park where the girls ate their snacks in their favourite tree,
Then we went into town where there was a beautiful German Christmas market. We stopped for coffee and the girls did arts and crafts together and browsed the toys, before stopping to ride the merry-go-round swings on the way home.

They had a lovely time together and hugged and hugged before they finally parted. We had such a lovely afternoon :-)


Fiona said...

What a lovely day, and she looks so pleased with her new tap uniform on.

Caseybumpinalong said...

Looks like one great day

KP Nuts said...

I am so behind on my blog reading - Great to catch up on all you've been up to. I bet when Hannah's is old she will look back to her childhood with such amazing memories of being so free and cared for.