Saturday, 28 April 2012


Hannah had another lesson on Freddie this morning - she did really well and had a lovely time!
We went shopping to get her new hiking boots after her ride, and then called in to see Grandma. Hannah got all Grandma's buttons out and strung her favourite ones to hang in Grammys room!
When we got home it was dinner time and Hannah reeeeeeally wanted sausages cooked on an open fire. Since we don't have a fireplace in doors Hannah and I lit the fire basket in the garden and cooked sausages on skewers over it! It was pouring with rain by the time we had finished but she didn't care a bit and really enjoyed those sausages!

Friday, 27 April 2012

Dance Class and Fun in the Splash Park

Hannah has been to her homeschool dance and movement class today. She loves to dance and this class really suits her. It's fun, lively and not too old for her (which has been a problem with some of the street / contemporary classes we've tried).

 After the class we headed down to the splash park and playground for a picnic  and play. It was freezing cold but that didn't stop some of the children (including Hannah) stripping off to play in the water while the mum's drank hot chocolate and huddled in coats!

I love this picture of her leaping over the water jets!

An Evening Out To Watch Daddy

On Wednesday night we went over to Chichester to see Dean's Ukelele band play at a retirement party.

 Hannah had a wonderful time, singing along to all the songs and leaping around!!
She though Daddy was brilliant!

Art Class at Adventure Group

This Tuesday was our monthly art class at our home schooling group and the children all had a try at 'still life'

 Hannah was very pleased with her apple!
 After the class they all managed some outdoor play before the next rain shower came over. It's been a really wet week here!

Monday, 23 April 2012

History Group Visit To Manor Farm

Manor Farm

 On Saturday afternoon we met the other girls from our history group at Manor Farm to explore Victorian and Second World War living.
The children were able to see how life would have been in the farm house, pumping water, doing laundry in the huge tubs with a dolly and stocking the larder with all kinds of preserved fruits and vegetables.

They were lucky enough to experience a Victorian schoolroom session, where they played with traditional playground toys (hoops and skipping ropes),

 before being called in to class with a hand bell.

 The teacher explained all the classroom rules and etiquette,

 inspected their hands for cleanliness,

 and set them some spellings to write out on a slate.

 After the lesson we explored further and found a Victorian bathroom and toilet outside in a wood and corrugated iron shed,

 a shepherds hut,

and then moved on to WW11 when we found an old air raid shelter. Hannah was surprised at how small it was inside for a whole family to shelter in.

 We had a lovely, very informative day and on the way home we saw this beautiful rainbow!

Wildlife Watch Alver Valley Park

Wildlife Watch this weekend was a spring nature walk in The Alver Valley Park in Gosport. The children all went armed with binoculars to see how many birds and wild flowers they could spot.
Hannah saw a Green Woodpecker, Jays, Bluetits, Greenfinches, Buzzards and her first ever Skylark! 
We crossed over the River Alver at Apple Dumpling Bridge (isn't that a great name!),

 and saw Celandines,
 New leaves on all the trees,
 Apple Blossom,
 some huge seed heads which the greenfinches really liked,
 and Wild Fennel.
 The leader found an Owl pellet which she dissected and showed the children all the little animal bones inside.

 Views of the area we walked around, that's Hannah and Melissa right at the bottom of the path!
 and finally - Coltsfoot growing along the path.

Sunday, 22 April 2012


 On Friday Hannah went to a new Dance and Movement class organised for our home schooling group. She enjoyed it a lot!!

 The class ended with a relaxation session which was nice,
 and then we went off to the park for a picnic lunch.

On Friday evening Hannah had her weekly Brownies meeting and afterwards went back to the park for a bit more play!
As you can probably tell i forgot my camera and had to take all the pictures on my phone - terrible quality but you get the gist i think!