Thursday, 12 April 2012

Easter Holiday Play

Today we have been to Nicholson Gardens, a beautiful Church owned private garden and pavilion, for a home-schoolers Easter fun day. 
There was hula hooping,

 An Easter egg hunt,
 Snail racing,

 and much joy when the girls team snail won!!
 Scooting - they all tried out new tricks and stunts on the grass!
 And two ferry rides as Nicholson Gardens is in Gosport. Hannah, Melissa and Oliver were really excited to watch the ferry arrive, especially when it bumped into the jetty!!
 There was a thunder storm on the way back to the boat and we all got very wet, but it didn't dampen the children's spirits, and Hannah declared it a really fun day :-)

Thanks very much for organising it all Vicki!!

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