Thursday, 22 June 2017

Hot, hot, hot!

Summer finally arrived - hurrah! It's been beautifully hot and the pool has been very popular. Hannah has been swimming every day, and had a fantastic day of pool play with her friend Finn this week. They had such a great time together!

Chatting to her friend Maddie from the pool lol!

Crazy Hannah!

Evening swim

Yesterday Hannah went out for a ride at the riding school, they rode in the woods nearby and Hannah said it was lovely. Cool, shady and fun. She rode Murphy, who has long been one of her favourite ponies ever, which made her extra happy!

Cracker has been hot too, so Hannah has been sponging him down and hosing him off, he seems to really enjoy it - especially the rolling afterwards 😀.

Clean pony

Not so clean any more pony!

And, she has been getting some photography tips from Daddy, who has been taking some gorgeous pictures or the wildlife around the stables. Some of them have even been published in the local paper!

A few of Dean's pictures - he has lots more on Instagram ❤

Sunday, 4 June 2017

This Week - Spring Half Term

Hannah had her birthday get together with 4 of her best friends at Flip Out in Chichester on Tuesday. Two hours of crazy bouncing fun!

She has been in the pool almost every day. The thermal solar blanket is working really well and it's been warm enough for no wet suit (lucky, as we seem to have mislaid it since last summer!)

She has been learning some Parelli with Cracker. It's been great as now they are speaking the same language. Hannah is hoping to learn more and is really excited about progressing.

She has been to a half term fun gymkhana and games at her riding school. It was a really good afternoon 😊.

And the rest of the week has just been spent with Cracker, in the sunshine!