Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Tuesday Spent With Friends

Yesterday morning we were on the early train to Fishbourne to meet up with friends for a riding lesson. While we waited (at the Roman Villa cafe) Hannah informed me that she had discovered the Faraway Tree ! It certainly is a lovely tree, and very easy to imagine the fairy folk from the story climbing up through the branches to the land at the top!

We had half an hour playing at the tree, and then went on to her riding lesson.

 This week she learnt all about diagonals in rising trot.

Hannah's friends J and S invited us back to their house after riding. We had a lovely day with them. I really enjoyed having time to chat with another home edding mum, and Hannah had sooooo much fun with J and S!

Crazy cat kids!

It's never too cold to paddle

Wave jumping

We had a lovely walk on the beach in the sunshine, the children collected beach treasures to make a fairy garden and explored the shoreline, paddled in the sea and burnt off lots of excess energy before heading home for some Sylvanian family play before it was time for us to leave.

Thank you for a lovely day Purple Monkey Living people :-)

Thursday, 23 October 2014


It's not all days out, a lot of Hannah's education does take place outside of our home, such as learning to tie dye at Adventure Group on Tuesday,

but Hannah also does Language Arts, Math and Science at home. This year we are using Spectrum Grade 5 workbooks for those subjects.

Today she has covered common and proper nouns, long multiplication and scientific method.

 I like having something to follow and some sort of plan, and Hannah likes the sense of achievement when she masters something new. She has also started to appreciate the usefulness of some of the skills that she previously wasn't keen to learn! It's so lovely to see her excited about the prospect of learning new things! Homeschooling is an ever evolving journey!

Monday, 20 October 2014

Manor Farm

Yesterday we had a family day out to Manor Farm in Southampton. Manor Farm was the site used for the filming of War Time Farm, and is a working, historic farm.

Hannah in the war time farm display.

Hannah made herself at home in the wartime cottage

Visited the Victorian school room

Fell in love with this little 4 week old donkey foal,

and had a go at hand milking!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Bikes At Barnham And Pumpkins At Slindon

Today we met up with friends (there were 5 families all together) at Barnham for some biking and playing. Hannah had lots of fun!

 Hannah and Izzy swinging.....

Synchronised roundabout ballet!

synchronised bike ballet!

Hannah learnt this today and was so happy - her friend Izzy inspired her.
After Barnham we drove out to Slindon Pumpkin Farm to see their annual pumpkin display. This year was all about Spitfires.

Lastly we stopped by the village tearooms which had this lovely Harvest Bread display.

Another really good day :-)

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Yesterday, instead of going to Adventure Group, Hannah had a riding lesson with friends. They played some gymkhana games and had races in the school and Hannah really enjoyed it.

 After riding we went to Portchester Castle and left some flowers for my nanny at the church. It would have been her 119th birthday yesterday! Then we had a walk along the shore and explored the wooded area there, and Hannah climbed into the (luckily empty now) moat.