Saturday, 19 August 2017

Pets and Other Animals

Hannah has spent most of her summer so far at the riding school, helping out and riding multiple times every week and has enjoyed every minute of it! 
Everyday I get random selfie pictures sent to me like this one of her with Murphy dozing on her shoulder in the sun 💚

Not to be left out the kitten gets lots of playtime and hugs,

 as does the bunny. I don't quite trust them together, but they like to play at the window, one each side 😊

The bunny likes cuddles more than the kitten, and snuggles right in to you!

 When Hannah isn't riding at the school, she has been riding Blaze, her gorgeous little part loan pony.

Apparently Blaze is the 'most fun pony to ride ever' and Hannah loves her to bits!

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Portsmouth University Cosmology Event

On Tuesday Hannah went on a trip to The Portsmouth University with the homeschooling group. She visited the Cosmology department for a workshop about space. It was a really interesting day, and her first visit to a university.

It began with an introduction to university, and life as a student there, and was followed by a great workshop by the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation.

There was a show in the astrodome,

and an activity categorising planets,

she listen to a talk about space, galaxies and planets .

 Then went on a tour of the university campus.

Hannah really enjoyed her day, and was interested to learn about the courses she could take there, as well as learning a little about student life. Definitely something to investigate further.