Thursday, 30 April 2015

Drama Class and Riding Lessons

This week Hannah has had her monthly home education group drama lesson at the Kings Theatre, and she has had her weekly riding lesson. She loves the drama group, and this week she really enjoyed learning about building a character and how important that is when you are playing a role. They used examples from The Wizard Of Oz, and judging by how much Hannah chattered about it afterwards I'd guess it was a big success!
There are no parents in the drama sessions, so the only picture I have is this one in the foyer before class!

In her riding lessons Hannah is continuing to learn to canter. She is absolutely smitten with riding and completely adores her riding instructor (who is great and really gets the best from Hannah). This week she rode the gorgeous Coco ...............

..... who has a really cheeky personality, and doesn't miss a trick, but is too loveable not to love!!

It is Hannah's birthday soon (May 26), and she is hoping to do a pony morning at the stables with some friends to celebrate turning 11.

Bouldering Week 2

Hannah's second bouldering session went much better than last week. She was apprehensive to begin with, but after a couple of climbs with me close by, she felt able to have go on her own. It helped that she had an old friend in the group, and once they started chatting she relaxed and really enjoyed herself.

Hannah is quite an anxious and cautious person by nature, so It was a big step for her today, and I couldn't be more proud of her. Well done Hannah x

Friday, 24 April 2015

More Riding, Climbing And Learning About The Earth

This week Hannah began cantering in her riding lessons. She has been more than ready for a while now but has lacked the confidence to try, so she was very proud this week when she finally did it - and she did it really well!

We had a couple of low key days this week as my dad was in hospital and I spent a lot of time with him (he has recovered and is home now), and then yesterday Hannah went to the first lesson of a 6 week bouldering course.

The climbing center is part of an old fort on Portsdown Hill, and the rooms are accessed through the old tunnels under the hill. Hannah DID NOT like going through the tunnels and was consequently pretty anxious when we arrived at the climbing room. She didn't feel at all confident about climbing, but after a little while she settled her nerves and managed some quite nice climbs.

Hopefully she will feel braver about the tunnels next week!

Lastly, today we have been to the East Hampshire  home education group where the children began learning  about Earth. They made models of the earths' layers and learned about volcanoes, including making a bicarb and vinegar volcanic model.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Beach Day!

Yesterday we had our first proper beach day of the year. Hannah and I went with friends to West Wittering which has lovely golden sand and shallow water for the children to play in.

 It wasn't actually as warm as our children made it look - see all the people in the background wearing coats! They weren't the only ones in the sea though, and the sun was beautiful.

Our friends brought a garden spade with them for some serious sand digging. Hannah thought it was great, especially when the hole got so deep that it filled with water!

She was so tired when we got home, but really happy and said it was the best beach day ever :-)

Friday, 17 April 2015

Today, Hannah Met Her Minecraft Heros.............

...........In the supermarket! There we were, sitting in the mobile phone booth and they just strolled by.

Hannah turned to me and said 'I think I'm imagining things, I thought those people were Stampy and Sqaishy'

Me - Who? Oh, those youtube people?

Then she realised it was them and started leaping around until I took her over to say hello. She was honestly the most excited i have ever seen her !

They were so nice, they even went off and found AmyLee who hugged Hannah and chatted, they were just lovely. Amylee gave her a postcard that they all signed and they posed for pictures (in the fresh produce isle lol) and completely made Hannah's year :-)

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Donutting At The Dry Ski Slope

Hannah has been keen to try some winter sports all winter, but we live in the UK and therefore get very little chance of any real snow. To make up for this I booked a home ed trip to the Alpine Sports Center for some dry slope fun.
Hannah wanted to try donutting, so yesterday we went to Southampton, along with 20 other local home educated children for a super fun session.

It was a really good activity and Hannah is very keen to go again. The only complaint was that it was 20C, the warmest day so far this year, and the children were all sweltering in their long sleeves and gloves! I think a winter session is definitely in order.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

A Special Day Out

This is my friend Chris and her husband.

We have known them since Hannah was a baby and they are the grandparents of Hannah's oldest friend Coral. When I was a new mum and didn't have any other mum friends I met Chris who was looking after Coral at that time. We became really good friends and went to all the playgroups and childrens activities together. Chris was always there for us and made those early days so much easier - she is a truely lovely person and has a very kind heart.

Sadly Chris has been ill for a few years , and recently stopped her treatment as it was no longer effective. She has decided to spend her last weeks making special memories for all her friends and family and really enjoying her time.

So, on Sunday Hannah and I went to Gunwharf Quays  with Chris, her husband and Coral.
We went to Spinnaker Tower where the girls danced on the Skywalk's glass floor 100 meters above sea level, did some landmark spotting from the viewing decks ( you can see for 23 miles in each direction ) and even went up to the Crows Nest viewing deck 110 meters up.

The Glass Floor!
 I pushed Chris in her wheelchair over the glass floor ..........neither of us looked down!

Up in the Crow's Nest
Hannah loved it!

Afterwards we had a lovely lunch out in the sunshine , and then the girls thought they would like to try sailing one of the boats at the Miniport.

Apparently it was harder than it looked and they spent quite a lot of time hitting the dock - they had fun though!

It was a really good day full of precious memories.................

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Easter 2015

We spent Easter Sunday with my family at my mum's house. Hannah had an Easter Bunny egg hunt in her garden, and later we had a lovely family dinner.

  It was a really nice day!