Thursday, 30 April 2015

Drama Class and Riding Lessons

This week Hannah has had her monthly home education group drama lesson at the Kings Theatre, and she has had her weekly riding lesson. She loves the drama group, and this week she really enjoyed learning about building a character and how important that is when you are playing a role. They used examples from The Wizard Of Oz, and judging by how much Hannah chattered about it afterwards I'd guess it was a big success!
There are no parents in the drama sessions, so the only picture I have is this one in the foyer before class!

In her riding lessons Hannah is continuing to learn to canter. She is absolutely smitten with riding and completely adores her riding instructor (who is great and really gets the best from Hannah). This week she rode the gorgeous Coco ...............

..... who has a really cheeky personality, and doesn't miss a trick, but is too loveable not to love!!

It is Hannah's birthday soon (May 26), and she is hoping to do a pony morning at the stables with some friends to celebrate turning 11.

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