Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Education City and Exercise!

This morning I signed Hannah up for a 10 day trial of Education City
I thought it might be nice for her to do some computer based learning for a change and also, it seemed to support what we had been covering in her lesson. It was a big success! She did whizz through some of it, but found the spelling and science sections really helpful and she especially liked getting the gold stars and certificates at the end! If she continues to get along well with it then we'll sign her up for a full year in september.

After lunch we went out for some sunshine, and walked through the Rock Gardens and along the beach to the splash pool.

Hannah climbed every rock and tree on the way there!
The splash pool was busy as it was such a lovely day, and Hannah wasn't sure she wanted to play when we got there as she didn't know anyone, but she soon found her confidence.

She did lots of this!! It's actually a seesaw but Hannah rode it like a surf board!
She did masses of this!!
and ran about 12 laps of the pool like this!!

After a little rest and a cool off it was time to go home and get ready for dancing! She danced in her Fusion class for an hour and then joined her daddy in the swimming pool which is also at the sports complex where her dance class is held. She has never been in the pool without floation aids before, but today she left them at home and swam her first ever stokes unaided. Just a few, and with daddy right by her side, but she did it, and was so proud of herself.
Unsurprisingly, she went right to sleep tonight, i think she was exhausted!

Our Week So Far....

Monday started bright and early as we have builders in this week fixing our garden, so Hannah got lots of work done in the morning.

She did English,

Maths (she's doing her end of year re-cap this week as she has finished all her lessons for this term!)
Chose this as her reading book,

and then we covered the planets, moon and sun in her science book.

After lessons there was time for a trip to the park where Hannah finally made it all the way across the monkey bars! She was so excited as she has been determined to master them for months now!
Then we went off to Gunwharf Quays to meet Hannah's friend Melissa for lunch as it was Melissa's 6th birthday.

Yesterday Hannah did more English, learning about nouns and adjectives,
some more of her maths recap, using her cuisinaire rods to help.

and then we did a bit more of the 'Blueberries For Sal' lapbook that we started ages ago and have been doing very slowly over the term.
Hannah learned about the animals which live in Maine, the state capital, the state bird and state flower.

After lessons we went to Adventure Group, where one of the mums (Fran) taught the children all about making natural paints with beetroot, onion, turmeric, paprika, poppy and rose petals and a few other things,
Hannah really enjoyed the session and discovering all the different colours she could create!

Here is her finished picture!
Finally the children all went out to play and a huge thunder and lightening storm went overhead! Most of them didn't seem to mind at all and played out getting wet, but Hannah sensibly waited it out in the hall doing more art and picnicing with her friend until it had passed!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Weekend Art Work

Hannah has been painting this weekend! Big, bright pictures full of summer! They are, a rainbow turtle, a multi coloured duck on a pond, Hannah in the grass, and Hannah under a tree in the sunshine!

A New Church For Us

Hannah and i tried a new church this morning. We'd been thinking about it for a while now, and finally visited today.
Hannah went to the childrens Discoverers group while i stayed in the service, and afterwards she came running out to tell me that she had had fun, made some new friends and could she go back next week ..........................i consider that quite a success!!
This is the tree the children made in Discoverers, Hannah made quite a few of the leaves. On the leaves the children had written all the things they could do to pleased God - one of Hannah's said 'helping mama' !
After the service we stayed for coffee and Hannah played with her new friends (and two friends from our homeschooling group who belong to the church), before heading to the playground for some more play.

The new church was a really good experience today, everyone was friendly and welcoming and took the time to chat with us - it made such a difference to me and i'm sure we'll be going again!

Playground Fun

Here's Hannah having fun in the playground on friday after her visit to the dentist. The good news from the dentist is that she has perfect teeth :-)

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Work and Play

This morning started with lessons as usual, Hannah chose The Thief Of Bracken Farm for her reading book,

and then filled in her journal - It says 'Today i went to the bowling alley with my friends' because that's what she was doing later!
Then she did some of her math workbook.

And after lunch it was time to bowl! Hannah really loves bowling :-)

Here she is with her friend Caterina enjoying blue slush puppies!
Ready to bowl
and in action!
The bowling balls are sooooo heavy, i have no idea how she manages to bowl, but she does, and has a really fun time too!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Allotment Group

When we arrived at the community allotment today we were greeted by the most beautiful display of flowers and greenery, cornflowers, nasturtiums, poppies and sunflowers were in full bloom in all the beds and looked so pretty.
Jenny, who manages the site told the children that she had spotted some lizards earlier in the day, so Hannah and her friends set off to see if they could spot some too.
and they did!!
Then the children were given a bed to weed and tidy and prepare for planting, which they did,
before planting out Chard and Parsley.

After a lunch break Jenny set out some piles of cut flowers for the children to make into posies to take home.
Hannah was so pleased with hers!
And finally they harvested some strawberries to take home and were also given a cucumber plant each to grow at home.
We love our allotment group!!