Monday, 13 June 2011


We didn't have any activities to go to today, which was a nice, so this morning started quietly with some English and maths. Hannah has been working through some workbooks i picked up at the local book shop this term, but i'm not convinced about them. I spent quite a lot of time browsing the different options online, and am thinking i might order the Horizons curriculum again for those subjects for september. Anyway, she worked through a few lessons and then did a page in her picture journal.
Her hedgehog picture was inspired by her new subscription to The Hants and IOW Wildlife Trust who sent her a hedgehog poster with her welcome pack!

Then i put out her new paints and a pile of paper and left her to create!
Lots of pictures and a change of clothes later we went to the park. It was really, really busy as school had finished by then and the sun was shining, but Hannah still has lots of fun :-)

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