Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Maths and New Books

Another quiet day today! We were going to go to a park play in Chichester, but the weather did not look promising and it's a long way to go on public transport so we decided on a home day instead.

Hannah did lots of maths - doubling, halving, and multiplication of 2's and 10's. She used her cusinaire rods to help which are great for Hannah. She learns really quickly with manipulatives as it's so much easier to 'see' the answer.

(yes, she is wearing her pj's but hey, it was a home day!!)

Then the mail arrived and the books i'd ordered from Amazon came! Hannah has been excited about The Boxcar Children since we put in the order, so we started to read it straight away!
I also found some online worksheets to go along with the book which she was interested in doing so we had those printed off to start tomorrow.
The Junie B Jones books are new to us, but came highly recommended and are easy enough for Hannah to read herself. Although, most importantly, they are funny and not at all scary!! She does not do scary at all!!
I love Amazon so much, they have such good deals and even do second hand books, and honestly, is there anything more exciting than getting new books??

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