Monday, 20 June 2011

Allotment Group

When we arrived at the community allotment today we were greeted by the most beautiful display of flowers and greenery, cornflowers, nasturtiums, poppies and sunflowers were in full bloom in all the beds and looked so pretty.
Jenny, who manages the site told the children that she had spotted some lizards earlier in the day, so Hannah and her friends set off to see if they could spot some too.
and they did!!
Then the children were given a bed to weed and tidy and prepare for planting, which they did,
before planting out Chard and Parsley.

After a lunch break Jenny set out some piles of cut flowers for the children to make into posies to take home.
Hannah was so pleased with hers!
And finally they harvested some strawberries to take home and were also given a cucumber plant each to grow at home.
We love our allotment group!!

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Tamsyn said...

What fun! Sounds like it was a great day... and those flowers are so beautiful. :O) Hannah looks very pleased with her cucumber plant. :O) We're trying to grow some cucumbers here at home - sadly some slugs ate over half of them just a few days ago. :(