Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Our Week So Far....

Monday started bright and early as we have builders in this week fixing our garden, so Hannah got lots of work done in the morning.

She did English,

Maths (she's doing her end of year re-cap this week as she has finished all her lessons for this term!)
Chose this as her reading book,

and then we covered the planets, moon and sun in her science book.

After lessons there was time for a trip to the park where Hannah finally made it all the way across the monkey bars! She was so excited as she has been determined to master them for months now!
Then we went off to Gunwharf Quays to meet Hannah's friend Melissa for lunch as it was Melissa's 6th birthday.

Yesterday Hannah did more English, learning about nouns and adjectives,
some more of her maths recap, using her cuisinaire rods to help.

and then we did a bit more of the 'Blueberries For Sal' lapbook that we started ages ago and have been doing very slowly over the term.
Hannah learned about the animals which live in Maine, the state capital, the state bird and state flower.

After lessons we went to Adventure Group, where one of the mums (Fran) taught the children all about making natural paints with beetroot, onion, turmeric, paprika, poppy and rose petals and a few other things,
Hannah really enjoyed the session and discovering all the different colours she could create!

Here is her finished picture!
Finally the children all went out to play and a huge thunder and lightening storm went overhead! Most of them didn't seem to mind at all and played out getting wet, but Hannah sensibly waited it out in the hall doing more art and picnicing with her friend until it had passed!


Lynn said...

Blimey, I see I am going to have to pull my finger out with this home educating lark! It's all I can do to get us up and dressed before adventure group ;-) !! xxx

Susie said...

Lol Lynn, i'm sure you do more than that!!

Lynn said...

Well, sometimes I manage to wash up and hang out the washing too. Finn watching me is educational......isn't it?! Right.....tomorrow....must try harder!