Friday, 29 January 2016

This Week

Since my last post we have been busy! I should have blogged earlier, but I didn't, so here is a glimpse of what we've been up to.

Hannah has been to her home ed classes at Titchfield (last Thursday). She did English, Art and Biology.

We had our friends from Journey Unique over for a visit on Monday, Hannah was so excited as she hadn't seen the girls for ages (although they do keep in touch via social media). It was lovely to catch up.

Hannah has been riding,

and has been to her home ed drama class at The Kings Theatre. The children are singing this term and did dance last term. She is really enjoying it, and loves the chance to work on the stage during some of the lessons.

There has also been swimming with daddy at the big indoor pool where he works, American Girl play (still keen to own this years doll of the year ), video making and diary keeping.

We also heard that we have been offered an allotment really close to our house - yaaay.

And the overall weather this week?? Wet!! Luckily Hannah's awesome new Spotty Otter arrived just in time for the storms.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Stable Management Morning

Hannah has been riding for quite a long time now, and is very, very, VERY keen on the idea of part loaning a pony in the future, so she has been learning as much as she can about pony care. This week she had a stable management morning at the stables where she rides and spent 3 1/2 hours grooming, mucking out, learning how to rug up, tacking up and turning out as well as having a riding lesson. She had a fantastic time, and Dean and I got 3 hours to just hang out together.

They were just turning the ponies out when we arrived to collect Hannah, so I took a few yard pictures before they headed up the muddy, frozen track to the fields!

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Wildlife Watch Meeting - Winter Birds

Yesterday Hannah and I went to the monthly Wildlife Watch meeting at Gosport Wildgrounds. Wildlife Watch is the junior section of The Wildlife Trust and they hold meetings on the weekends around the country to help kids get involved in wildlife in their area.

This week was all about winter birds. We were supposed to be bird spotting, but with so many children chattering and stomping most of the birds were off before we arrived! Hannah and I hung back a little and saw some robins and bluetits, and some mallards and moorhen on the water, so at least we saw something!

The walk was lovely though, really cold and frosty with a beautiful blue sky and lots of red berries and catkins about.

Waterbirds on the River Alver


Hawthorn Berries

Lots of frost and icy water along the walk.

A Chilly Hannah


Bright blue sky!

Friday, 15 January 2016

Stargazing Live 2016

Last night we went to the 2016 Stargazing Live event at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. Hannah is very interested in astronomy and she and Dean often take the telescope out in the evenings, so this was a really good experience for her.

The telescopes were all set up on the decks of The Warrior, and below decks were activities and information on everything star related.

On board the Warrior

Finding out all about solar systems.


Checking out the stars

Hannah with the rocket she made.

Monday, 11 January 2016

Moscow City Ballet - Sleeping Beauty

Hannah and I had an unexpected treat this weekend when my lovely cousin gave us tickets to see the Moscow City Ballet at Chichester Festival Theatre.

Hannah loves ballet, and was beyond excited to see her first ever professional performance and it didn't disappoint. It was beautiful from start to finish, the music, dancers, costumes everything!

Photo courtesy of Moscow City Ballet via facebook (no photography was allowed during the performance)

A very excited Hannah awaiting the performance!
A big, big thank you to my cousin Sally for the tickets, it was an awesome evening xxx

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!! I've been without a laptop since before Christmas so here is a bit of a catch up.

We went to the annual home ed party before Christmas.

Then Christmas was lovely, Hannah was very excited and had lots of horsey gifts among other things.

Since Christmas Hannah has mostly ridden! She has really enjoyed riding over the holidays as she has had the chance to ride with a few other girls who are usually at school, there is nothing like pony love to get friendships off the ground.

This week she has been working on an 'animals of the world' project - completely self led and has investigated Australia, Brazil and Africa,

and she has been working on Always Icecream in her spare time, and has made some new American Girl boards on Pinterest ( she is very keen on the new girl of the year)!

So, that's us caught up :-)