Sunday, 17 January 2016

Wildlife Watch Meeting - Winter Birds

Yesterday Hannah and I went to the monthly Wildlife Watch meeting at Gosport Wildgrounds. Wildlife Watch is the junior section of The Wildlife Trust and they hold meetings on the weekends around the country to help kids get involved in wildlife in their area.

This week was all about winter birds. We were supposed to be bird spotting, but with so many children chattering and stomping most of the birds were off before we arrived! Hannah and I hung back a little and saw some robins and bluetits, and some mallards and moorhen on the water, so at least we saw something!

The walk was lovely though, really cold and frosty with a beautiful blue sky and lots of red berries and catkins about.

Waterbirds on the River Alver


Hawthorn Berries

Lots of frost and icy water along the walk.

A Chilly Hannah


Bright blue sky!

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