Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!! I've been without a laptop since before Christmas so here is a bit of a catch up.

We went to the annual home ed party before Christmas.

Then Christmas was lovely, Hannah was very excited and had lots of horsey gifts among other things.

Since Christmas Hannah has mostly ridden! She has really enjoyed riding over the holidays as she has had the chance to ride with a few other girls who are usually at school, there is nothing like pony love to get friendships off the ground.

This week she has been working on an 'animals of the world' project - completely self led and has investigated Australia, Brazil and Africa,

and she has been working on Always Icecream in her spare time, and has made some new American Girl boards on Pinterest ( she is very keen on the new girl of the year)!

So, that's us caught up :-)

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