Saturday, 18 June 2011

Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital's 40th Birthday Open Day

Today we have been to Brent LodgeWildlife Hospital near Chichester, West Sussex. They were celebrating their 40th birthday and had a big open day and guided tours around the hospital. Hannah really enjoyed seeing all the animals and birds and was very interested in the hospital. There were lots of wild birds being taken care of, blackbirds, starlings, a mistle thrush, jackdaw and lots of pigeons. She also saw hedgehogs and baby herring gulls being treated. After the hospital tour we walked around the outside cages and saw all the birds that were getting fit and well for their return to the wild. Hannah's favourites were definitely the owls!

This is the story of how the hospital began in 1971Hens and a Cockerel
An Owl
Hannah outside the Owl pens.
Another Owl - i was surprised at how many were at the hospital!
A beautiful swan.
Hannah at the wildlife pond enclosure.
The Pond
The hospital display board telling the history behind the hospital.
Brent Lodge are doing such a great job of caring for the sick and injured animals and birds brought to them, and they are a charity so if anyone would like to help out, or find out more about them check out their website Brent Lodge

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