Sunday, 12 June 2011

Open Farm Sunday - Barn Farm Hipley

Today, despite the weather, we went to Barn Farm in Hipley for their open day.

Hannah was very excited, and didn't mind the rain at all!

She fed the goats,

and the ponies,

and in the barn the goats were all eating dried spaghetti!

She was able to hold and pet a ferret, which she was thrilled about,
and then a little kid - he was so adorable!
and then, Lady Musgrave who owns the farm heard that Hannah loves Border Collie dogs, so she went to fetch one of hers for Hannah to meet! He was sooooo lively, that i just couldn't get a decent shot of him, but see how friendly he was lol,
That's Hannah on the other end of his lead, Lady Musgrave asked Hannah to mind him for her while she saw to the other dogs, that just made Hannah's day :-)
On the way home in the car Hannah said it was the best day she had ever had - bless her, nearly every day is the best day ever when you are 7 years old, but she did really enjoy it!


Fiona said...

I love that as parents we get the chance to make every day 'the best day ever' for our kids.
What a gift and an honor.

KP Nuts said...

You are always finding such cool places to go: Hannah has a sparkly day every day doesn't she? We are a bit more fair weather! (sometimes!)