Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Our Day In Pictures!

Today was spent mostly at home, and it was a really nice day.

This morning Hannah prepared some spelt bread dough for dinner, she followed the basic bread recipe on the back of the flour bag, with a little help from me, (we always used this one from Doves Farm as it turns out really well every time), and made a nice big loaf.

While she worked she listened to the cd from The Singing Day!

Then, while the dough was rising we read some stories. We chose The Barefoot Book Of Earth Tales, which is a collection of folk stories, fables and myths from around the world with a common theme of living gently on the earth.
We chose The Magic Garden from Kazakhstan. The book has a short write up about the country that each story is from, so Hannah learned little about Kazakhstan and the Kazakhs past nomadic lifestyle, the landscapes of vast steppes, and yurt dwellings.
We read the story,
and then Hannah did some painting inspired by the story. She painted a bowl of fruit as we had read that botanists believe that Kazakhstan was the first place an apple tree grew.

and a sheet of colour to show how bright and beautiful the garden was.
Then Hannah and i made a big pan of vegetable soup for dinner. She peeled and chopped (and ate quite a lot lol),
and we ended up with a pan full of colour!
The bread was baked by then and looked like this :-)
Hannah went outside to play with her skipping rope while the soup cooked, and then daddy arrived home to take her to dancing .
It was lovely to come home after dancing to our already prepared dinner, and it was all delicious!!
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