Thursday, 2 June 2011

Weald And Downland Open Air Museum

This week is a school half term holiday where we live, so when we went to The Weald And Downland Open Air Museum there were some fantastic activities on offer for the children to try their hand at.
Hannah and her friend Tess tried everything and had a really fun day!

Arriving at the museum.
The first thing they tried was brass rubbing. Hannah really enjoyed this and was very pleased with her picture. She chose a brass of a child as she is really interested in children through the ages.

Next they rolled candles,
and then Hannah met one of the donkeys - his name is Bobby and he was very friendly!
At The Old Toll House she learned all about old British money and practised writing on a slate.

And then we went to the stables to meet the horses,
and the rest of the donkeys!
The Farmhouse had a gorgeous vegetable and herb garden,
and daddy told Hannah all about using the plants to make dyes for clothes.
Next the girls tried Lino Printing, and each made pictures of a dog, foal, kingfisher and squirrel,
before moving on to clay modelling, where Hannah made a hedgehog family!
A snack break, and Hannah had hers in a tree!
and finally, the girls made seed pots from news paper and potted up a sunflower each to take home.

Hannah had the best day there, it is one of her favourite places anyway and having her friend Tess to do the activities with made it even more fun :-)

A big thank you to Tess and her family for inviting us along, we had a great day!

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