Sunday, 29 May 2011

Our Weekend............

..........has been spent outside in the fresh breezy air!! Yesterday Hannah and I went to visit my mum, and Hannah and my mum did a spot of bird watching! Hannah really enjoyed it, so much so that today she wanted to go out and look for flowers and see more birds. Dean was at work so without transport we only managed to get to the sea front, but we visited two beautiful gardens there and found lots of flowers, birds and trees to climb!

This is Hannah setting off yesterday to go to grandma's house.
and with grandma feeding the birds.
Today we went to The Rock Gardens in Southsea.

We started with a picnic,
followed by some exploring!
Hannah loves it when she finds a den!!
We saw some beautiful flowers, foxgloves are one of our favourites.
Climbed a few trees, well Hannah did!!
and admired these gorgeous poppies.
Then we walked along the beach and found a man selling stones which he had decorated. Hannah fell in love with this little mouse and just had to take him with her!
In The Rose Gardens (our next stop) Hannah discovered a Bluetit's nest. It was inside a beam holding the climbing rose supports and she heard the baby birds cheeping. We sat to watch the mother and father fly back and forth with worms and grubs feeding the babies.
I couldn't catch the Bluetits in a picture but I did get this Blackbird watching the comings and goings!
Then we wandered through the Roses which smelled wonderful,

and had a really lovely day :-)


Fiona said...

Looks like you have been having some amazing adventures. And I agree with Hannah - that rock mouse is too cute to leave behind!

KP Nuts said...

My Grandfather used to joke about people selling stones (and water)and potato skins!! they are free you can sell any one anything he used to say!!

Susie (September) said...

Ah KP, but the free ones aren't painted like mice lol!!