Monday, 16 May 2011


A little while ago Hannah discovered tennis! I'm not sure what sparked her interest, but she started asking me lots of questions about when i used to play and asked if she would be able to learn. So today we went up to our local courts so i could show her the basics and she could try hitting a ball. She really enjoyed it and even managed to hit a few balls over the net and into the court which she was very excited about!
It was fun for me too, it's only about the 2nd time i've been on court in 15 years and it felt like i'd never left!

I'm seeing a lot more tennis in our future blog posts!!

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Fiona said...

That looks like fun. Sofie also loved tennis when she tried it and is keen to start again this Summer. Unfortunately she also wants to do yoga, swimming and horse riding, so not sure if we will fit it all in !