Thursday, 5 May 2011

Fire Safety Day at our Home- Ed group.

This week the local fire fighters visited Adventure Group to talk to the children about their jobs, the fire truck and fire safety.

The children were allowed to investigate the truck and apparatus, ask a million questions and even have a go at controlling the water hose!

Hannah and her friend Melissa learned how to use the hose to hit a target, Hannah said the hose was really strong and super hard to hold on to!

Afterwards there was sand and water play, a picnic and lots of climbing and running around.
Hannah had a lovely afternoon and has been waving to fire trucks ever since! The fire fighters were really kind and patient with the children, and have invited us to visit the station in a couple of weeks time to see what happens there - we are really looking forward to it :-)

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KP Nuts said...

Ooh Susie - Fire station is on my to do list and now I have seen your post you have motivated me.