Thursday, 19 May 2011

A Fire Station Visit

A couple of weeks ago a lovely crew from our local fire station came to visit the children at Adventure Group. The children enjoyed it so much that the firemen invited us to go and visit the station, so that's what we did today! It was great! Fireman Matt and his watch showed us around, the children were given rides on the ladder and were allowed to try the water hoses, they were shown how the station works, they visited the smoke rooms and generally learned what life is like as a fireman. It was a really interesting trip.

Learning about the equipment.
Posing with fireman Ben.
Caterina tried out the fire suit!
This fire engine carries the rescue ladder,

Which the children all got to ride in.
Hannah thought that was so cool!
Inside the offices, this is where the calls come in.
These are inside the smoke rooms where the firemen practise house rescues.

The ever popular hoses!
and finally, fireman Matt demonstrates the firemans pole!

After all that it was time to go home and do Hannah's lessons. She did some reading, writing and maths (wearing her 'school' dress - she is funny!), watched a wildlife program on tv, and then we went to the park for some evening sunshine!

What a great day it's been, and the best bit of all was getting a message from grandad this evening to say he was out of hospital following his surgery last week! The perfect finish to our day :-)

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