Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A Home Day

We have actually had a day at home today!! No groups, activities or field trips to go on, just Hannah's dance class to go out for!

So Hannah started the day with some reading and maths,

Drew a picture and wrote in her journal,

and then looked through her A Childs Garden Of Verse poetry book (inherited from me cira 1974!) to choose a poem. We have been practising her reading aloud skills as she is still very shy of reading to others, and she chose Bed In Summer by Robert Louis Stevenson.
She read it beautifully, and made me all emotional!!
Later on she went outside to draw on the patio with her new 3D sidewalk chalks, they are really good fun value and she has drawn all kinds of things, Today she made a swimming pool with them - i wish i could take 3D pictures because it was really effective!

Then it was time to go to her dance class. She was much more nervous this week, but soon found her feet and even chatted with some of the other children!

It was a lovely evening so after dancing we took her doll out for a walk in the park :-)

Today was Hannah's last day of being 6, tomorrow is her birthday......................7 years old, so grown-up!!!


claire said...

a BIG happy birthday to Hannah from Claire.
Thinking of you both!

KP Nuts said...

3d chalks sound really cool - it hasn't rained hard here in so long we still have chalking from a few months ago on the patio. Happy Birthday x

Woolly Wanderer said...

After all that activity no wonder H was ready for some relative quiet!!

Birthday greeting for tomorrow Hannah, looking forward to seeing pictures of you on your special day!

San and all xx