Friday, 27 May 2011

Happy Birthday Hannah

Yesterday was Hannah's 7th birthday!
She was soooooo excited!! She woke up early and opened her presents, which included a Lalaloopsy doll, a paint your own tea set, Moxie Girls, and MP3 player and a design a horse and rider wardrobe set, as well as lots of money - how lucky?
Then we went up to Southampton for her special birthday trip. Hannah had chosen to go to Build-A-Bear Workshop and invited her friend Melissa to go with her. Melissa had never been before so Hannah had a lovely time showing her around, and the girls chose a bear each and an outfit for them (they picked matching outfits, how cute is that!).

After that we had lunch and ice-cream (and a return to Build A Bear to spend some birthday money),
Before heading to Grandma's house for birthday cake and more presents!

Finally we had a quick trip home to pick up snacks and warm clothes before heading up to Butser Ancient Farm. We had been invited there to watch Tony Robinson filming a segment from his forthcoming historical tv series and Dean's friend (who works there) had build a wickerman to be burnt for the show.

Hannah really enjoyed watching the taping and seeing Tony Robinson (he presents Time Team which she watches every week) and said afterwards that it was the best birthday ever!

Happy 7th Birthday Hannah, we love you so much xxxxx


Woolly Wanderer said...

WOW!!! What a special day, especially build your own bear, I would have loved that at your age, sadly I'm probably a bit too old for that now!!!

Hugs to you and mummy

San xx

Susie (September) said...

Ahh, you're never too old for build a bear! I have one picked out for my birthday ;-)

Fiona said...

Happy Birthday Hannah - it looks like an amazing day (and the first thing on our list when we come back to the UK is always Build a bear!!)