Monday, 9 May 2011

Monday - Allotment Group

This morning started bright and early with some writing and maths practise.

Hannah has been practising putting words into sentences and using her frequent words dictionary to check her spellings.

She also finished her math revision book today ready to start her new one tomorrow.

The sentences she wrote today!
After that it was time to go to our allotment group. The children did watering and weeding today and then harvested broad beans, spinach, mustard leaves, lemon balm and lovage.

Hannah also found the broad bean plant she planted herself during one of our first sessions this year.

The allotment looking peaceful and tidy.
Watering the lettuce
Cleaning and recycling seed labels.

It is so nice to have this lovely space in the city for the children to learn how to grow their own food and to really get in touch with nature and the seasons. They all really appreciate it and work hard doing all the jobs that need doing whenever we are there. Hannah also really enjoyed eating the spinach and mustard leaves for lunch that she had picked herself!!

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