Monday, 23 April 2012

Wildlife Watch Alver Valley Park

Wildlife Watch this weekend was a spring nature walk in The Alver Valley Park in Gosport. The children all went armed with binoculars to see how many birds and wild flowers they could spot.
Hannah saw a Green Woodpecker, Jays, Bluetits, Greenfinches, Buzzards and her first ever Skylark! 
We crossed over the River Alver at Apple Dumpling Bridge (isn't that a great name!),

 and saw Celandines,
 New leaves on all the trees,
 Apple Blossom,
 some huge seed heads which the greenfinches really liked,
 and Wild Fennel.
 The leader found an Owl pellet which she dissected and showed the children all the little animal bones inside.

 Views of the area we walked around, that's Hannah and Melissa right at the bottom of the path!
 and finally - Coltsfoot growing along the path.

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The Adventurer said...

I love taking the kids out and just see what nature is showing. Looks like a beautiful day:)