Friday, 27 April 2012

Dance Class and Fun in the Splash Park

Hannah has been to her homeschool dance and movement class today. She loves to dance and this class really suits her. It's fun, lively and not too old for her (which has been a problem with some of the street / contemporary classes we've tried).

 After the class we headed down to the splash park and playground for a picnic  and play. It was freezing cold but that didn't stop some of the children (including Hannah) stripping off to play in the water while the mum's drank hot chocolate and huddled in coats!

I love this picture of her leaping over the water jets!

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Jessica said...

Its amazing how it can be so cold that the adults need jackets and hot drinks to feel warm yet the littlies dont have an problem with getting wet and having fun:) Hannah seems to be really enjoying splashing about, I bet she is looking forward to summer already!