Sunday, 15 April 2012

Yesterday Hannah went to Wildlife Watch at Staunton Farm in Havant. She met her friend Melissa there and the girls enjoyed a talk from a member of the Wildlife Trust about encouraging birds and other wildlife into our gardens.


 Then he took the children on a walk of the local area looking for birds. We saw Greenfinch, Sparrows, Robins and Chaffinch.

 After the bird walk in was time to learn about lambing. This lamb had been born at 11pm the previous night, and the farmer was waiting to show the children how to check and clean up the mother and lamb after the birth. He showed them how to trim the dirty fleece from the mother and clip her hooves, and how to band the lambs tail to prevent fly infection.

 There were 6 lambs on the farm being bottle fed so the children also got to meet them and help with the feeding!

 Hannah was beyond thrilled at feeding the lambs!

 The children then all received a Spring Bingo sheet and went off on a treasure hunt looking for blossom, fleece, food, birds, rabbits and lambs,
 and also found a Shire Horse mare with her two week old foal!

 Officially the session ended with the Bingo hunt, but after we made our way back to the farm coffee shop for hot chocolates the girls were given the chance to groom the donkey in the yard!

 It was such a good morning and Hannah learned a lot !

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Theresa said...

great photos! looks like a great experience! i am looking forward to following you on this homeschool path! we are in our second year of homeschooling our two girls and we love it!