Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Lessons Hannah Is Working On Currently

I thought today i might record some of the resource we are using currently as well as some of the work Hannah did today.
 We are still working through 'God and Me' , it's a lovely book full of fun activities and stories with lots to talk about together.

 Hannah is working through this Math workbook. She has been using various worksheets and websites this year and is now working through this to make sure she has all the grade 2 basics covered before we move on to grade 3 this summer.
 She is really enjoying this Social Studies Book.

 Here is the map of our neighbourhood which Hannah drew today as part of the social studies unit she is working on.
 She is also working through this workbook. It's a UK curriculum style book and not one we would usually use but it's proving handy for spelling practise and reading activities.

We are also reading lots of stories based in history and geography including 'Paddle To The Sea' by Holling C Holling,  'The Sign Of The Beaver' by Elizabeth George Speare and the American Girl 'Kit' and 'Molly' books.
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