Monday, 9 April 2012


Hannah awoke yesterday morning to discover that the Easter Bunny had been and left her a Moshi Monsters Egg, a Moshi Monsters CD and  Blue Nose Friend toy in her Easter Basket! She was really excited! Then she was even more excited when it was time to go to Auntie Anita and Uncle Andi's house for Easter lunch!
When we arrived she found a note from the Easter Bunny saying he had left the rest of her gifts hidden around the garden there so she set off on an easter egg hunt!

 Some of them were really hard to find, but luckily Silver - one of my sisters 4 rabbits - was on hand to help out!!  

Showing daddy all her gifts.
Hannah took this picture of me!!
 Then it was time for dinner! My sister made a lovely meal for us all and my Aunt came as well so it was a really nice afternoon.

My mum on the left, and her twin sister on the right!

And finally this is Hannah after a little too much chocolate lol!!


Fiona said...

Love that last photo! We had a few kids round here who looked quite similar....

Lisa White said...

Yes! The sugar rush got to my girls too! lol x

Georgina said...

Hello :)
I can read your blog again, I am so pleased:) I haven't been in touch for a while as I haven't got either your number or rmsil, long story, but involves a new email and new phone for us...So, please could you email me your email and text me your number ! My email is, our number is the same as before. We haven't been coming to the group either as we've been to Wales twice in the last few weeks and stayed for much longer than planned (long story again) anyway, we can catch up properly when I have your number and email again.

It is so good to be able to read your blog again Lots of love Gina x x x c