Saturday, 28 April 2012


Hannah had another lesson on Freddie this morning - she did really well and had a lovely time!
We went shopping to get her new hiking boots after her ride, and then called in to see Grandma. Hannah got all Grandma's buttons out and strung her favourite ones to hang in Grammys room!
When we got home it was dinner time and Hannah reeeeeeally wanted sausages cooked on an open fire. Since we don't have a fireplace in doors Hannah and I lit the fire basket in the garden and cooked sausages on skewers over it! It was pouring with rain by the time we had finished but she didn't care a bit and really enjoyed those sausages!


Fiona said...

That looks like the absolute perfect day.
I'm glad Hannah had fun.

Katie Pybus said...

I think Hannah will remember these days when she's old! Itis great that you just say yes more!