Sunday, 18 December 2011

A Busy Sunday

Hannah and I have had a busy day! We went to our usual church service this morning, where Hannah lit the four candles of advent at the beginning of the service, and then joined the Sunday School where she learned about Mary and Joseph's trip to Bethlehem, and drew a picture of them on their journey for the Sunday school display.

After church we met our friends Sarah, Jack and Sam at Gunwharf Quays for some lunch and Christmas shopping. We visited the farm nativity scene (too crowded to get pictures!) and Hannah and I bought the last few gifts we needed to get, and enjoyed catching up with our friends over hot chocolate and ice-creams!

Finally we rushed home, dropped off our shopping and headed out to the Evangelical Church where (different) friends are the Pastors, to go to their annual Christmas celebration. Hannah joined the children from the Discoverers group ( a kind of Sunday School class) on stage to tell 'A Donkey's Tale' and sing Christmas songs,

and we all sang carols and were reminded of the real the meaning of Christmas. It was a lovely celebration, followed by coffee, cake and hot dogs with friends!

On the way home we came across this very twinkly Christmas display on a near by house! Hannah was most impressed :-)