Thursday, 1 December 2011

Work and Play!

Hannah has been practising her cursive writing some more this week, as well as writing beautifully in the christmas cards she has started making for her friends. She is really determined to 'learn joined up writing' and has been writing lots of little notes and messages to Dean and I with big loopy tails and swirls - she is really enjoying it!

At adventure group the children learned about 'wet on wet' painting and Hannah made me a picture.
She also made a Christmas themed collage at home,
and used a computer program to make some snowflake pictures.
Today we spent a lovely afternoon with friends and left their house to walk / cycle home in a twilight rain storm. As we cut through the park Hannah noticed that the mini skate park was flooded and thought it'd be a great place to stop and play! The next few pictures say it all really, it grew completely dark while we were there and very, very wet!!

Needless to say she was a little cold and grubby when we arrived home so a bubble bath seemed in order :-)

Hannah said tonight that she had the most fun afternoon ever........................and my coat is still drying and may never be the same lol!!
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