Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Meditation and A First Garden Harvest

Hannah is quite an anxious child by nature, and sometimes finds herself overwhelmed by emotion. Usually we try to calm her and help her through those situations, but today Hannah decided to take matters into her own hands and try some calming techniques after stepping on a bee and getting stung on the sole of her foot.

She did some meditation using her Calm Kids CD, and then when she felt relaxed asked her grandma to place crystals around her.

She said she felt really peaceful afterwards, and much happier.

Also today Hannah picked our first little crop of vegetables from the garden,

Tiny golden cherry tomatoes

Beans, two kinds of tomato and a cucumber

Runner Beans

 and finished with a raw food dinner - runner beans from the garden, cauliflower, broccoli and cashew nuts with peanut butter, avocado and salad cream dips!


Georgina sewell said...

So lovely to catch up, Hannah looks so well and happy, we miss meeting up with you all :(
Bee stings really hurt, poor Hannah, how great that she found a way to relax and heal from it. Love to you all x x x

Megan L said...

Wow! What an awesome kid. Love the crystals...and I wish my kids would eat like that!

Susie said...

Ha, i wish mine would eat normal food lol!