Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Summer Garden

Just a few pictures of our garden in August!

'Little Sun Yellow' Tomato Plant

'Hundreds and Thousands' Tomato Plant

We have three apple trees in our garden with lots of ripening fruit. Unfortunately I don't know which varieties we have so if anyone recognises them please let me know?

The pond which is still home to a few very late tadpoles!


White Lavender

This shrub has been full of bumble bees all summer!
We have spent so much time in our garden so far this summer, it's been the best thing about moving house!


Fiona said...

Your garden looks amazing! We planted tomatoes this year but haven't had many at all, and your apples look delicious.

Theresa Novak said...

That white lavendar is beautiful! All of them are!!

We don't get a lot of sun and I stink at watering--we started this year trying to have a garden and it fizzled :(