Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Rainbow Streamer and Butterflies

We were in the park last week on a lovely sunny afternoon in the middle of the school holidays and Hannah was the only child there!!

She took her favourite rainbow streamer and had a lovely time dancing and twirling in the sun.

While we were there Hannah noticed that there were far more butterflies than she had ever seen fluttering around, and followed them to a little flowerbed in the grounds of a nearby school.

These were all cabbage white butterflies, but on the way home we spotted brimstone, tortoiseshell, fritillary and hedge brown butterflies as well as lots more cabbage whites.


Katie Pybus said...

Sandra blogged about butterflies today too - http://taketwobods.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/cusp.html
All these home edders noticing things! It's been great to have a proper summer after so many wet ones and see all the insects. We stood chatting about bees with a near neighbour for ages today

The Adventurer said...

Wonderful park pictures. I have to say I miss the weather in the UK. In the states it is so hot that there is no one out during the day. Makes my kiddo wonder where all the people are. We enjoyed going out for mid day walks when we lived there:)