Sunday, 15 November 2009

Random things we've done this week

This week Hannah decided that she had prefered having more structure to her learning, and asked if we could start doing table 'time again'. I heaved a sigh of relief (as i find it much easier to keep track of what we're doing this way) and got her workbooks back out. Well, the break seems to have done the trick as she sailed through to the end of her Phonics and Reading Book 1 and started book 2 . This is quite an achievement as she had been find that quite difficult in the summer. She also wanted to start a new journal where she can do a picture and write a little bit about it by herself. She only managed a sentence for each picture, but she is spelling things well and her writing is legible so we are both pleased about that.

Mama at the bus stop

Starting Horizon's Phonics and Reading Book 2

At our home education group we have been learning about Victorians and Pioneers this term, so last week we started a 'Time Line' for all the people we had learned about. This week Hannah and i finished hers off and talked about time and dates in history.

We also found out about 'A Christmas Carol' as Charles Dickens is one of our famous Victorians and made plans to see the play performed next month. Hannah coloured in this picture from the story as part of her art work,

and also drew this pencil drawing of a cat.

Finally this week we sorted through all of Hannah's things in her room, and rearranged her furniture to make the room warmer and cosier. She certainly seems to be sleeping well now :-)


Rae said...

Hannah, cats hold a very special place in my heart and I LOVE the drawing of the huge, happy cat you have drawn. His paws are wonderful and he looks so smiley!

It looks like you've had a great week. I like your picture of your Mum at the bus stop too.

Gina said...

Hannah's bedroom looks gorgeous and snuggly!

Love Gina xxx