Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A Quick Catch-Up

Wow, the last week just flew by and I didn't get any blogging done!! So, here is a quick catch-up so I'm all up to date!

 Hannah has been helping out in the garden! We have two apples trees laden with fruit, peas, tomatoes and lots and lots of loganberries ripening in the sun.

We spent a day at the beach with our homeschool group, it was hot!! So hot that all the kids ended up in the sea and had a great time! We came home with half the beach in a bag as Hannah collected every single shell and pebble she saw!

There has been A LOT of pool play! This is Hannah and her friend Finn having fun on Monday, they spent all afternoon splashing around.

Yesterday we had Singing Spanish at Adventure Group. The lady leading it was really fun and friendly and the session looked like a lot of fun. Unfortunately Hannah was not too sure about it all, she really wants to learn Spanish but felt uncomfortable with the singing / dancing style of the session - she also found it hard that there were very few English words spoken as virtually the whole session was in Spanish. Ideas for building her confidence with this would be much appreciated if anyone has any?

Also this week Hannah has started a Nature Journal,

and is continuing to adore her piano lessons. She is picking it up really quickly and is so enthusiastic and practicing really hard. Her teacher definitely brings out the best in her.

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