Saturday, 14 September 2013

This Week

Little bit of catching up to do this week!

Hannah had her friend Tess over for the day and the girls played with their American Girl dolls, My Little Pony and hung out chatting and catching up!

At this week's Adventure Group, the session was Book Club, and the children had all read the Enid Blyton book Naughty Amelia Jane to discuss.

Hannah and her friend Melissa spent a long time collecting early autumn treasures in the park for the season table.

On Thursday we had a trip to Northamptonshire (which i will blog about separately ), and yesterday we met up with another family to start a History lap book on Pilgrims.

We also had our LEA visit this week - a lovely lady from the education office came out and chatted to Hannah. Hannah showed her all the things she had been doing recently and it went fantastically well.  She told us that we wouldn't be having anymore visits or check ups (we have previously had them annually) but that we could contact her if we needed anything. I'm very happy with that!

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Devon Mama said...

Sounds like you had a lovely LEA lady, but how great to hear that you won't need to see her anymore (if that makes sense!) We're looking forward to collecting some more treasures for the nature table too, great time of year isn't it? xx