Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Catching Up

Ooops, I have fallen really behind with blogging (waiting for a new laptop cable to arrive!), but luckily it's been a quiet week so you haven't missed much!
Here are some of the things we have done -

Hannah had a campfire camp out for her American Girl doll Lanie (pictures taken by Hannah - well done Hannah)!

We have had a real campfire cook out for Granddad's birthday! He turned 81 last month, and we had a belated barbecue this week to celebrate. It was a beautiful day!

My mum, dad, sister and Hannah all together - my sister's partner also came but managed to duck out of the picture!
 It is the Easter school holidays here, so we caught up with Hannah's friend Coral and the girls had a lovely time together.

These two have been friends for 9 years, their whole lives, and Coral such a lovely friend to Hannah.

Finally,  Hannah has been crafting this week. She made some pretty spring fairies from a craft set that her nanny gave her. They turned out really well!

Now we are all caught up :-)

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Theresa Novak said...

Nice to catch up :) My girls LOVE American Girl dolls. I so wish i had gotten them into fairies when they were little. Your family always looks so nice and content :-)