Thursday, 26 June 2014

A Hotchpotch Of Our Week So Far.................

Hannah and her friend (also Hannah) have been keen to do a sewing project together, and friend Hannah's mum is a really good seamstress so she offered to teach the girls some simple embroidery and sewing to make a cushion each. 

Hannah learnt to embroider 'chicken scratch' in their first lesson.

 Then at home, inspired by a science session that her friend had told her about, Hannah wanted to learn about the parts of a flower and how they grow. We found a book with a simple to follow dissection and she carefully dissected several flowers and learnt the names of all the different parts of the flowers.

This week we have also worked on multiplication,

Language Arts

             Social Studies

and Hannah has been working on a 'Little House In The Big Woods' Lapbook.
 On Tuesday at Adventure Group the children all had a chance to try pendulum art. It was a lot of messy colourful fun!!

Afterwards the two Hannah's wanted to go shopping and had so much fun trying on heels together! They were so funny modelling 4 inch stilettos and posing in front of the mirrors!

 On the way home we bought a new basket ball which Hannah took to the hoop at Grammy's house yesterday where we played a very hot game of hoops in the sunshine!

and that is our week so far!

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