Friday, 22 August 2014

We've Been Camping In Dorset!

We have just come home from a lovely camping trip with friends on a farm near Weymouth.

The footpath from the camp site led down to a beautiful little inlet,

 where the girls used various methods to protect their heads from the midges!

We enjoyed the camp site playground, and the girls made friends with some of the other children camping around us so they had lots of play and loom-banding!

We went to Weymouth beach,

surfer girls

 where Hannah really enjoyed swimming - she said she felt like a mermaid under the water with all the shells glistening!

 Hannah and her friend rode the beach donkeys, played crazy golf, built sandcastles and rode the fairground carousel.

  We also had some lovely walks around the fields and shoreline. Hannah loved watching the straw bales being gathered in and both girls had fun with our friends dog in the fields!

It was such a peaceful area to camp in, we had wild rabbits hopping around our tent at night , bats flying overhead at dusk, and we watched shooting stars across the milky way at night. 

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