Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Half Term Bits And Pieces

Last week was a half term school holiday here, which meant that Hannah got to catch up with a couple of long time friends who go to school. I love that the girls keep in touch even though they have very different lives, and always carry on as though they saw each other only yesterday !

We caught the train to Pulborough one day to visit another friend who shares Hannah's love of ponies and nature. While we were there we played some really fun bird identification games which our friends had made themselves - they were great!
On the train from Pulborough!
 We were really pleased to discover heaps and heaps of frog spawn in the pond again this year.

And we have continued reading Harry Potter, and Hannah has been reenacting parts of it with home-made props!

Finally, we visited Grammy today after Home Ed group and Hannah was pretty pleased to see her :-)

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