Thursday, 7 April 2016

Easter Break

It has been the Easter school holidays this week, so we have had a chance to catch up with friends as well as doing a couple of regular activities.

We have been to Pulborough to visit some friends and spent a really nice day catching up. Hannah and her friend visited the ponies, made dens, and played with their dog. I think the dog was worn out at the end!

We had friends come over to us earlier in the week and the girls played with the American girl dolls, they also spent a lot of time in the garden with our rabbit.

Hannah rode on Tuesday and then we went into Chichester for a visit to the shops. She has been collecting Beanie Boo plushies and wanted to get another one with her pocket money.

Whiskers the new Beanie Boo

Yesterday was the next Maypole dancing session and afterwards we stayed around to chat and Hannah and her friends compared Beanie Boo collections and explored the hill and woods outside the hall. It was a lovely day and we are really enjoying this new group.

Lastly, this afternoon we've had friends over from the Isle Of Wight. The girls have been outside in the rain pond dipping for tadpoles and making mini viewing ponds for them, and generally having a fun time.

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