Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Pool Fun And Riding

Hannah has spent most of the last week in the pool! We replaced our old pool with a new bigger one, and since it has a proper frame on it, it's much more stable and deeper than our old pool. A good thing as Hannah is much taller this year.

On Monday we had friends over and Hannah and Finn managed 4 swims even though it was freezing! We had a lovely day, which I really needed ( thank you Lynn).

Then yesterday my neice brought her adorable little girl over for the afternoon.

Isn't she precious :-)

On Saturday we fitted in a riding lesson for Hannah, she was so happy to be riding again, and to see everyone at the stables.
She also got to ride Murphy, who is one of her absolute favourite ponies - perfect!

I'm still visiting my dad in the hospital every day. He isn't really improving but has has some better days where we've talked a little. Its hard, but we are getting through it.

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